Surprising Design Ideas


Surprising Design Ideas
So you want interesting, strange and surprising furniture ideas. The sort of ideas that will wow guests. The sort of ideas that will have people talking. The sort of ideas that will leave a lasting impression on the people who lay their eyes on it. Well, you’re in the right place. In this article I will be helping you to discover some strange but exciting designer pieces that you will be proud to have in your home.
The first piece In my overview of strange ideas is the Clouds White Coffee Table Set. It is a unique piece which will look wonderful in a number of locations – but particularly in a modern and sleep surrounding. The round edges mean it is child friendly so it would be a fantastic designer addition to a family home. The shape of this piece is likely to be the talk of your guests, as it is certainly different.
The second item I have chosen for this overview is the Shipwood Natural Lounge Chair pictured to the right. This piece is unusual as it has been crafted with reclaimed wood – reclaimed from various discharged ships. The pieces even have a plaque that tells you exactly which boat your chair has been made from. According to the website that this piece can be found on (see end of article) the wood used is ‘antique wood’ from ‘trade boats used on the Pearl, Li, Yangtze and Huang Rivers in Southern China’. The fact that this wood is reclaimed means you have the satisfaction of knowing that your furniture is eco-friendly, which is incredibly important in this age of recycling and sustainability.
And finally, my favourite piece of this collection of quirkiness, the Fold a Light Table Lamp. This piece certainly is bizarre – it lacks any conventional design traits of a lamp, but it is interesting and creative. It was designed by award winning Finnish Designer Antti Tapani Suhanko. You can control the light emitted by altering the degree at which the piece is standing.
So where can you get these items? Fashion For Home of course. Visit their website for a full selection of crazy and innovative pieces.

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